J. Kent Trinkle, MD (1934-1998), was honored by the Texas Transplantation Society in 1995 by the establishment of the J. Kent Trinkle Award, which is presented annually to a young Texas investigator in the field of transplantation science. It was most fitting to name this award in honor of Dr. Trinkle, past president of the society and an honorary member, considering the dedication of his career to contributing new knowledge about transplantation and in exploring its scientific basis. He was particularly well known for his work in cardiothoracic transplantation, and was head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio from 1972 until 1994. His delightfully witty personality and positive perspective contributed in many ways to the warmth and the collegiality of the society during the time he was actively involved. 
Dr. Trinkle was professor of surgery at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio when he performed South Texas' first heart transplant in 1986. The next year he performed San Antonio's first heart/double-lung transplant in North America to treat emphysema in 1988. Dr. Trinkle went on to do the first lung transplant in the world to treat pulmonary hypertension in 1989. Beyond his transplantation efforts, Dr. Trinkle revolutionized medicine with his treatment of flail chest and lung contusions. In 1995, the 29-bed J. Kent Trinkle Center for Transplant Sciences at University Hospital was dedicated in his honor. Dr. Trinkle passed away in 1998, after a lengthy illness. He is sorely missed by the transplant community.

Information about Dr. Trinkle, courtesy of the Public Affairs Department at The University of Texas Science Center at San Antonio.

Dr. Lynn Banowsky was the primary driving force behind the founding of the Texas Transplantation Society and served as its first president in 1987. He was firmly committed to the concept that the transplant community throughout the State have a venue to address as a group issues facing the community, be they scientific, financial, legislative, etc. He trained at the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, completing a residency at the VA Hospital as well as the Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Dr. Banowsky completed a urology residency at Tulane University and taught there before moving to the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, where he established the renal transplant program, and then the Cleveland Clinic, where he was chief of the section of renal transplantation.
He returned to Texas in 1977, to become the director of the renal transplant program at the UT Health Science Center and was also affiliated with the Santa Rosa Medical Center and the VA Hospital. In 1983, he established the Renal Transplant Program at what is now the Methodist Specialty and Transplant hospital, and was named surgeon emeritus of the Texas Transplant Institute before he retired. Dr. Banowsky participated in many committee and community activities, and is a past recipient of the Kathryn Dial Murray Gift of Life Award from the National Kidne Foundation. It is only fitting that someone who has given so much to the profession be recognized by the society he helped begin.

Information about Dr. Banowsky, courtesy of Texas Transplant Institute.

Trinkle-Banowsky Abstract & Case Presentation Winners:
Mario Rossbach, MD (1996)
Teresa Shafer, RN, MSN, CPTC (1997)
Javier Jover, MD (1999)
Edmund Sanchez, MD, FACS (2000)
Kenneth Woodside, MD (2001)
Neal Barshes, MD, MPH (2002)
Teresa Shafer, RN, MSN, CPTC (2003)
Mary Lee Strenstrom, MSN, RN, CCTC (2004)
Teresa Shafer, RN, MSN, CPTC (2005)
Lisa Taylor, RN (2006)
Sabina Ali, MD - Fellow and Renee Livesay, RN - Associate (2007)
Wael ElKady, MD - Fellow and Glenda Harbert, RN - Associate (2008)
Abstract Winner, Wael ElKady, MD (2009); Case Presentation Winner, Shawn Nishi, MD (2009)
Abstract Winner, Wael ElKady, MD (2010); Case Presentation Winner, Jose Melendez, MD (2010)
Abstract Winner, Daria Zorzi, MD (2011); Case Presentation Winner, Stephanie Yi, MD (2011)
Todd Eagar, PhD (2012)
Sarah Brandt, MD (2013)
Abstract Winner, Ana Islam, MD (2014); Case Presentation Winner, Ishmeet Walia, MD (2014)
Abstract Winner, Ana Islam, MD (2015); Case Presentation Winner, Hoang-Kim Le, MD (2015)
Abstract Winner, Brandi Braud Scully, MD, MS (2016); Case Presentation Winner, Graham Luke Machen, MD (2016)
Abstract Winner, Mary Mrdutt, MD (2017); Case Presentation Winner, Nicholas Clarke, MD (2017)
Abstract Winner, Kimberly Jacinto, DO (2018); Case Presentation Winner, Cassandra Craig, MD (2018)

Dr. Paul Conrad Peters received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University in 1950 and his MD from Indiana University Medical School in 1953, before completing his Urology training at Indiana University in 1957. Stationed in Fort Worth, Texas at Carswell Airforce Base from 1957 to 1963, he was head of Urology and attained the rank of Major. He joined the Department of Urology staff at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas in 1963. Dr. Peters is considered a Texas transplant pioneer, when in 1964, he performed the first kidney transplant in Dallas. He also performed the first kidney transplant in Brazil that same year. Dr. Peters set up the first transplant programs in Dallas, as well as Rio De Janeiro. At each TTS annual meeting since 1996, one speaker presents the Paul Peters Lecture.

Paul C. Peters Lecturers:
Roger Evans, PhD (1996)
Jeffrey Platt, MD (1997)
Robert Stratta, MD (1998)
Stuart Youngner, MD (1999)
Tom Peters, MD (2000)
Mohammed Sayegh, MD (2001)
Douglas Hale, MD (2002)
E. Steve Woodle, MD (2003)
James Prochaska, PhD (2004)
Richard Freeman, MD (2005)
Connie Davis, MD (2006)
Lori West, MD (2007)
Diane McKay, MD (2008)
David E. R. Sutherland, MD, PhD (2009)
Goran Klintmalm, MD, PhD, FACS (2010)
Bruce Kaplan, MD (2011)
Thalachallour Mohanakumar, PhD (2012)
Kathryn Tinckam, MD (2013)
Adam Bingaman, MD (2014)
Laura Siminoff, PhD (2015)
Christian Larsen, MD, PhD (2016)
Suzanne Ildstad, MD (2017)
Samir Mardini, MD (2018)

In 2004, Texas Transplantation Society and the transplant world lost a dear friend with the death of Dr. Ernie Hodge. In 2004, TTS began a named lecture in his honor. One speaker presented the Ernie Hodge Lecture at each TTS meeting from 2004 until 2014.



Ernie Hodge lecturers:
Amit Patel, MD (2004)
Paul Terasaki, PhD (2005)
David Powner, MD (2006)
Ron Shapiro, MD (2007)
Gero Tenderich, MD (2008)
Scott Lick, MD (2009)
Matt Everly, PharmD (2010)
Roger Evans, PhD (2011)
Michael Ison, MD (2012)
E. Steve Woodle, MD (2013)
Doris Taylor, PhD, FAHA, FACC (2014)

The Goran Klintmalm Lectureship was created to recognize the significant work of Dr. Goran Klintmalm, an internationally-recognized pioneer in liver transplantation and an authority in kidney transplantation, immunosuppression and organ preservation. Dr. Klintmalm performed the first liver transplant in Texas at Baylor University Medical Center nearly 30 years ago. He has developed one of the largest and most reputable transplant programs in the world. Under his direction, more than 8000 solid organ transplants have been performed at Baylor. At each TTS annual meeting beginning in 2015, one speaker presents the Goran Klintmalm Lecture.

Goran Klintmalm Lecturers:

Sir Roy Calne, MD (2015)
A. Benedict Cosimi (2016)
Jean Emond, MD (2017)
Robert A. Montgomery, MD, DPhil, FACS (2018)

TTS Past Presidents:
Lynn H. Banowsky, MD (1987)
Pedro J. Vergne-Marini, MD (1988)
Oscar H. "Bud" Frazier, MD (1989)
Gerald A. Beathard, MD (1990)
Goran B. Klintmalm, MD, PhD, FACS (1991)
J. Kent Trinkle, MD (1992) Deceased
Jay C. Fish, MD (1993)
G. Baird Helfrich, MD (1994)
R. Patrick Wood, MD (1995)
Martin G. White, MD (1996)
John D. "Chip" Oswalt, MD (1997)
Kristene K. Gugliuzza, MD (1998)
Hector J. Diaz-Luna, MD (1999)
Glenn A. Halff, MD (2000)
Marlon F. Levy, MD (2001)
Ernest E. Hodge (2002) Deceased
Stephen M. Katz, MD (2003)
Ingemar Davidson, MD (2004)
Wm. Kenneth Washburn, MD (2005)
David Van Buren, MD (2006)
Afzal Nikaein, PhD, HCLD (2007)
Christopher Lu, MD (2008)
Alex Duarte, MD (2009)
Jacqueline Lappin, MD, FACS, FRCSI (2010)
Larry Melton, MD, PhD, FACP (2011)
Geoffrey Land, PhD, HCLD (2012)
Stephen Almond, MD (2013)
Steve Potter, MD, FACS (2014)
Teresa Shafer, RN, MSN, CPTC (2015)
Matthias Peltz, MD (2016)
Francisco G. Cigarroa, MD, FACS (2017)
Alejandro Mejia, MD, FACS (2018)