Sir Roy Calne comes to U.S. - Gives Texas Transplantation Society Keynote

2015 TTS Meeting Highlights

Texas Transplantation Society just concluded its 28th Annual Scientific Meeting. Sir Roy Calne gave the keynote address for the inaugural Goran Klintmalm, MD, Lectureship. Later that night, in recognition of Dr. Klintmalm's remarkable career, Sir Roy gave the concluding remarks at the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening to honor the life and career of Dr. Goran Klintmalm, MD, PhD, FACS, Chief and Chairman of Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute, Baylor University Medical Cneter, Dallas, TX.

Pictured above are the President and Past Presidents of the Society with Sir Roy Calne. (11 of the 28) Left to right: Afzal Nikaein, Geoffrey Land, Stephen Almond, Goran Klintmalm, Kristene Gugliuzza, Sir Roy Calne, Teresa Shafer, Steve Potter, Hector Diaz-Luna, Pedro Vergne-Marini, Jacquie Lappin and Steve Katz.


Dr. Laura Siminoff, preeminent researcher and Dean of College of Health Professions, Temple University, gave the Paul Peters Keynote on why families say 'yes' and conversely 'no' to organ donation. Her research on donor authorization is the standard in the world.


The other notable speakers at this substantial yet intimate meeting comprised a who's who in organ transplantation. The speakers and the attendees enjoyed themselves in Austin, TX and formed new friendships and renewed old ones. Shafer's welcome message to participants was borne out by this meeting, which is destined to be looked back on as a historic one...


"We are not the mere collection of knowledge that we acquire as we move through our careers, healing and helping others; learning in the process. We are people who, at their best, bring a generous and beneficent spirit not only to their work but also to their collegial associations and friendships - some of which are one and the same. Part of the benefit of working in a field that requires so much commitment from those inclined to commit, is to develop meaningful career associations, many of which turn into casual friendships; and a few into deep and enduring ones. If you were to ask me why you should come, that's what I would say first. I personally believe this meeting will be remembered for many years into the future. We will look back on it.


This meeting is designed, as it always has been, to refresh our spirit and career by meeting and associating with career icons and colleagues. The meeting allows us to come together on a casual basis in rural/resort/Texas chic/Texas not-so-chic settings. For those of us who were there in the beginning in 1987, it is hard to believe how far we've come as a professional society. We have grown from a few colleagues meeting at Lakeway in Austin to discuss common issues and problems in transplantation, to a mature professional meeting offering five types of continuing education credits. Sir Roy Calne will address the society this year, a gesture on his part that honors us all."


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